Greetings from Texas

My name is Babatope from Dallas, Texas. You can simply call me Baba or Tope, your choice. I have been reading about affiliate marketing for a long time but never tried it. However, John’s story captivated me and sound believable. I look forward to learning and contributing my quota here. Hey, before I forget, I am an e-commerce guy. Nice to be here…

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Hey I live in Dallas too!

Hey there, I’m from San Antonio

Awesome @bofrextonltd , I will call you Baba! :wink:
Welcome to the family and please meet the SAS team - click here. We will be assisting whenever you need any technical support. For all other questions I highly recommend you seek the support of our great community. Make a post and take advantage of the accumulated knowledge of ambitious experts. It’s lays a good idea to also read through older threads and search our Help Desk for additional tutorials.
On Thursdays you must not miss to attend our Super Affiliate Live Training - these sessions will discuss selected topics in more detail and you have the chance to address your question directly to my colleague.
Lastly I’d like to motivate you to participate in our contest “Build your presell page” - we have great giveaway prizes (Inner Circle Training, cash…) waiting for you!
Alright Baba, that’s it for now - work hard and make the most out of this and success will soon come your way! :rocket:

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@bofrextonltd welcome!
I am also just started.
I wish us good luck :blush::+1:t2::muscle:t2: