Greetings from Sunny (sometimes) Michigan!

My name is Mark. Been running on the big Hamster Wheel for a long, long time, and I’m ready to jump off! Have been trying, but with very limited success through MLM and dropshipping, etc. Just took too long trying to maneuver the murky waters. From what I’ve seen so far, Affiliate Marketing through John’s program offers a much clearer and structured path. I’m confident that everyone here is sick of the rat race too. Looking forward to hearing your stories and drawing inspiration from them. Hope we all succeed!!

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Well I hope you do get off that wheel and on to the open range lol. Best of luck to you Mark!

Thanks so much Brock!!

Welcome @deucesvalues

I spent a summer in Lansing and Laingsburg, MI in 2008. Too hot and humid for me, was a nice meal for the skeeters :smiley:

Lol Sabrina, I hear ya. They take one bite of me – they spit it out and fly off! Seriously, it’s not been bad lately where I live, near Grand Rapids. Thanks for the warm welcome!!

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Hi deucesvalues! Welcome to the SAS family, we do provide a clear & structured way for you succeed online, I hope you reach your goals soon!

Thanks so much Ilya!!

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