Greetings from sunny Hertfordshire in the UK

Hi, I just had my Induction last night and was super energised to make this work for me.
I have been working for about 40 years in the film and TV business as a documentary cameraman, director of photography and movie lighting specialist. I have travelled the world to at least 70 countries ( more countries are available!) and met great people, some of whom have been great idols of mine and are huge in the music biz.

That has also been a challenging few decades in many ways, as sometimes companies go bust before I get paid,…and if I didn’t work I didn’t get paid.
It was when I was laid off in May 2023 from a full-time job I took ( for income stability!!!) , and then I had a major health scare that I realised I needed to get a new way of making a living…

I have known for many years passive income is the key, and I have looked at other places, but they seem to be lacking. John’s course and videos look the perfect fit for me. I now have the time to invest in myself for once and dedicate the time to get really good at something in a short time and start making results relatively quickly. realise there is a lot of work to do, and I am not shy of that having worked in the film biz…sometimes working very late into the night on a music promo, then having 2 hours of sleep and starting again on another music promo…I WAS younger then…

In fact, quite out of the blue yesterday I was sent a picture taken in Japan in 1989 when I was filming with an American rock band on tour, ( ask me who…) and that was a very tough 6 months!

My goal is to have a substantial passive income (relatively, I realise it needs to be attended to and scaled ) and enjoy life. I want to travel more and there are places I want to see, such as Iceland, and I want to go back to a few places I have visited and see how they have changed…and…THE BIGGY, move out of this house I have lived in since 1987… and move to a house, debt free, in the country with a stream at the end of the garden, a huge workshop space where I can make stuff out of wood, metal, glass. The house has a lovely dedicated cinema and music listening room, a sauna and workout room, hot tub, and have some newer cars that are more reliable. And have an Aston Martin car and a nice new Range Rover… assuming they are still being made…

I am now dedicated to this business, I have had enough of being skint and worrying about money. I have dedicated at least 4 hours a day, 7 days a week to reading, watching videos, filling in everything from today and getting on it.

This WILL be a major turning point for me, and I am excited about the journey. Still, lots to learn so I will sign off now.

I hope to meet with some of you at some point, if that’s possible… best
John Keedwell