Greetings from New Zealand

Hi everyone !
First of all big shoutout to Lizette and Allen who have helped me along the way with the Payment difficulties I was Facing with the Banks to Signup for the Course.
Finally we have managed to get it all sorted out and I’m totally stoked to be a part of the program and the likeminded community.
I’m 31 years old and originally from Germany, but currently residing in New Zealand.
I’m looking forward to improve my affiliate marketing skills with the SAS Program and be able to make my first sales and scale up my Business Month by Month.
Looking forward to work with you Guys :blush:


It’s always good and refreshing to hear from new students. Welcome, Akehl. Wish you all the best. :100:

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This is great!!

And we totally love your enthusiasm, @Akehl!

Can’t wait and look forward to seeing you build up your own successful internet business!

John and the SAS staff will do our part to make your affiliate marketing journey as enjoyable and successful as possible for you! Whenever you have a question or you are stuck, do not hesitate to reach out to our technical support at [email protected]. I’d also like to encourage you to visit our knowledgebase, we have lots of helpful articles and info there.

And register for our weekly webinars if you haven’t yet. Every week we have a live Q&A session where you can ask questions, as well as a special training session where we’d be going over a chosen subject. . Here you can find the outline and replays of the latest sessions.

We wish you the best of luck with your affiliate marketing business.