Greetings from Michigan!

Hello everyone!

My name is Travis and I’m currently located in the Thumb of Michigan. I’ve done quite a few different jobs even though I’m relatively young including machinist, church organist, and carpenter. I’ve been researching various income streams over which I would have control. I’ve become disillusioned with the stereotypical company job. Nothing offers the freedom, flexibility, or earning potential that I’m really looking for, and always felt cheated knowing that whoever I was working for was making more money off of me than I was.

Recently, I quit my job working for a construction company, and started doing jobs myself. However, there are definite downsides to having your entire financial situation resting on active income. One of my thoughts was to gradually build up a construction company, but I still just hate that idea of making money off of the sweat of others. I was (and still am!) elated to have found this course/ community on affiliate marketing and internet job opportunities!!

My best to everyone! :slight_smile: