Greetings from Belgium

Hi my name is Claudio and i live in Belgium. I am an Engineer and i am consultant in the pharmaceutical industry for about 20 years. My goal is to follow the course in order to make an income so that i can take time to organise my life in a more relaxed way and still learn !

I started with the introduction recently, i’m exited to go furhter!!



Hi Claudio, welcome to the SAS family! We’re getting more and more European citizens here, it’s nice to see the family diversify :slight_smile:


Thank you for the comment! Hope that distance is not an issue to follow the online seminars!


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Welcome to the forum, Claudio!

I just started here yesterday myself.

It is exciting to think what our financial future can be as long as we follow John and his staff’s advice.


Hi Jerry,
Thanks! Nice to know that there is so much response, let’s make it happen!!


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Welcome to the SAS community Claudio!

I love travelling in Europe. I went to Belgium and Luxembourg about 20yrs ago. Amazing places.

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Hello Claudio,
You are from the French speaking side, or the Dutsch? Nice to meet someone close by :-).
Maybe you can give me some advice on taxes and stuff? Or you didn’t think about that yet?

Hope we can get in touch.