Greetings from Auckland, New Zealand

Hello fellow marketeers
I’m my name’s Nigel and I’m originally from the U.K. Currently living in Auckland but soon moving to Thailand (hopefully in 3 days!)
Got married last year … then got made redundant 1 month later. Decided to move to Thailand (my wife is Thai). Would have been there already if it wasn’t or Covid.
I’ve been a computer programmer for all of my career (well over 30 years). But I’ve decided I’ve had enough working in offices on projects that aren’t that interesting and don’t pay very well anyway. I’m completely new to affiliate marketing and I’m really looking forward to doing this course and finding success in this field


Welcome aboard Nigel…I’ve been to Thailand numerous times. Most recently, I took my wife to Phuket for a wwek. She is begging me to take her back again.

Hi Nigel @ndean100, sorry to hear about your ups and downs lately…anyway you seem very focussed and I am certain that everything will fall into place for you and your wife! Big WELCOME to the SAS PRO! :white_check_mark: John and our whole SAS team are happy to have you aboard! We will be supporting you wherever we can and contribute our fair share to make your new journey as successful as possible! Your success is also our success and therefor this course will provide you with everything you need to make it big time! But always keep in mind that success does not start with hesitation, it starts with massive action! The best support and mentoring is quite useless if the person itself doesn’t get the work done! You are the protagonist in all of this and your determination alone will bring you closer to success and financial freedom! Let’s be honest about it - it’s not going to be an easy road! But I can promise you - the hard work is all going to be worth it in the end!!!

Whenever you have a question, do not hesitate to reach out for our technical support at [email protected]. More importantly I’d like to encourage you to make use of our forum and engage with your fellow students, who just like you are all aspiring or experienced marketers. This wonderful community of like-minded people will be a great source of knowledge for you! Benefit from each other and work and grow as a team! Share your experience, discuss affiliate marketing, post your questions and help others whenever you can…you’ll be surprised how productive this will be for your personal progress, not to mention the motivating effect this will have on you! Further let me remind you that it’s always a good idea to search and read through our forum first before making a post. There is a big chance that your question has already been addressed to and answered in previous discussions. In addition to that, another very helpful platform to search for solutions is our Knowledge Base, where you will find plenty of instructions and tutorials at your disposal.

One other thing you will find super helpful and fun are our Weekly SAS Live Trainings on Thursdays. My colleague Ilya will guide you step-by-step through selected topics and you will also have the chance to directly address your questions in the dedicated ‘Question and Answer’ part. These sessions will be of great benefit for your learning progress, so don’t miss it!!! But if you do, simply watch the replay video.

Once again big Welcome to you! Have a great start, simply dive right in and make the most out of this great opportunity! …and please chat to us once in a while and let us know how you progress - I really hope to see you making use of our community and forum :crossed_fingers: :smiley:
Best of luck! :wink:

Welcome to the SAS family, @ndean100! We’re glad you took the initiative to join us here at SAS. :smiley: