Greetings from Atlanta! Let's Brainstorm!

Hi everyone! Mark here. I’ve been a self employed real estate appraiser for 30 years and now ready to finally start making some money! The training has been excellent, and I’ve got the idea behind most of it, but find that sometimes things don’t quite… work the way they should… lol. Looking for someone similar to “partner” up with to brainstorm / troubleshoot issues with clickfunnel, web hosting or landing page issues.

I’m not dumb, as I’ve had my own business for 30 years, but still a little… uncomfortable…with the computer stuff, and want to make sure everything is right. I’d love to hear from someone who is successfully posting ads… you may be able to tell me why mine don’t work! My 30-year work anniversary is March 30, and I my goal is to be in affiliate marketing full time by then!

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Welcome Mark! This week, my son and I are going to get some ads up. My background is in computers but I’m rusty, to be honest. But maybe I can help.

Hi Steve. Great to meet you! I have run a campaign on Facebook for Super Affiliate System, so I do have one under my belt but wasn’t too thrilled with FB. I’m working on a Google ad using a pre-made landing page by the company but can’t quite get it to work right. Can we communicate by email so I can share some details? The one I’m using now is [email protected]. Let me know! Happy to share some ideas about my niche with you.


Hi Mark. I am skipping Facebook ads for now because of all of the headaches surrounding it and going for Google first instead. My son and have got everything set up and we’ll hopefully start running our first Google ad tomorrow.

Exciting stuff! I’ll email you. It seems you are ahead of me right now but maybe I/we can help if we get out first ad up tomorrow. Today went very smoothly - mainly because this stuff is very easy for my son! lol…