Greetings Form SD California!

Hello my name is Vianet and I am super stoked to have joined the great SAS! I am absolutely tired of working for a Boss. I’m going all in and hope to achieve my goals soon, scratch that I will achieve my goals real soon:wink: Can’t wait to get to know you all better with in this wonderful community. Good luck to everyone!


Welcome! New here as well. Looking forward to diving in!

Hi Vianet, @vianetaldana :hugs: we are at least as stoked to have you…so big welcome to the SAS family!
Let me quickly introduce you to the team - this is us (click here). In case you will be needing some support along the way, we are always here for you. But an even better way to receive help and assistance is to simply connect with our wonderful community right here. Share your knowledge with all these like-minded people who in return will share all their experiences with you. This way you can make this forum a great place to grow your knowledge. You also have the chance to search our Help Desk and take advantage of all the tutorials and instructions. Additionally you can join our Super Affiliate Live Training Sessions on Thursdays, or if you cannot attend them you can simply watch the replay videos.
One last thing - we are currently having our “Build your presell page” contest! Do not miss your chance to win cash and other fantastic prizes. :four_leaf_clover:

Alright Vianet, I hope you are enjoying the course so far. Let me remind you once again, “Nothing works, unless you do!” :v:

Good luck and please stay healthy and happy!