Greetings Everyone Can't wait to get started!

Hey everyone just getting started, can’t wait to begin this journey and see how far it can take me.


Welcome to the SAS family @epohlman777! Great to have you here.

Looking forward to helping you achieve your goals. :smiley:

Hi Eli @epohlman777! Welcome -it’s great to meet you - and while you are probably busy mastering the first couple of modules, let me quickly introduce you to the most important points:
This is John and the SAS staff - you can always reach out for us in case you need any help or support!
So whenever you have a question you can simply contact our technical support at [email protected]. You will also find it very helpful to make use of our forum and engage with your fellow students - This forum here is for you to share your personal experience, discuss affiliate marketing, post your questions and help others whenever you can :v:
Check also our Knowledge Base, where you can find plenty of additional instructions and tutorials at your disposal :+1:

The weekly SAS Live Trainings are always happening on Thursdays and are a great source of knowledge for your! Make sure to also ask your own questions in the Q/A-part. You will love this!

Lastly, please upload a profile picture.
That’s all for now - I will let you get back to work now :wink: Enjoy the course - we can’t wait to here from you…maybe you will even even share a little success story in the near future :sunglasses: