Greetings all the way from Danbury, Connecticut, USA

Hi everyone. My name is Kyle and I am currently 45 years old. I am married with 2 lovely children I am an avid audiophile and love my vintage audio hi-fi gear as well as a raspberry pi / Arduino / embedded computing junkie. I am so very excited about this program and the vast wealth of knowledge that comes along with it. Wow! This is the most absolute informative site ever. I just finished the Welcome modules and started the Week 1 training.

I am not entirely new to affiliate marketing. I started diving into entrepreneurship a couple of years ago and had a couple of successes but somehow I have always felt that I need to know a whole lot more to get to where I want to be in life and to be more successful.

I am from the state of Connecticut in the city of Danbury. Not sure where we rank on the expensive cost of living scale but we are right up there. Lol.

Currently, I am a systems administrator which it’s not as good as it sounds. I have been ground up through the corporate ringer many times in my career the point I am severe burnout after not being able to move from a contractor to full-time and not being able to keep a job for longer than 2 years. I knew it was time for a change, especially after every 10 years I look back at my situation to see that it has not grown or gotten any better and with really nothing to show for it, aside from jaded bitterness. I knew there was more to living life than this.

One thing that has kept me positive is that I have my wife, lovely kids, and my set goals in life. My goals are to break free from the corporate noose. To own my own successful business that I can take anywhere around the world, especially since I love to travel. I would like to finally stop renting apartments and own my first home, being able to pay for it in cash, no relying on financing or loans. I also want to help to take care of all medical needs from my aging father, who has been there by my side, always supported me like my best friend. I want to put together a college fund for my children and give them the very best education they could have so they become employable worldwide. I also to start giving back to communities and people who have helped my wife and I out many times when we were financially in a bad spot.
I think it’s important that we keep focused with our goals because, for those of us whos had a difficult life, it keeps us from wanting to give up and to always strive to find something better, not just accept that “it is what it is”.

I truly look forward to meeting everyone on this site, making new friends, sharing vast amounts of knowledge and growing in successess together.


Hey Kyle!

That’s my brother’s name haha… My mum visited New England for her 50th a few years back, gotta say the north east tip of the US looks so beautiful. I’m jealous she went to the yankee candle factory too haha

Welcome to the SAS family, we wish you the best of luck with your sales!