Got My First SAS Sale Today

I literally spent $450 to get this sale but learned a ton from it and figured out a mistake I made that cost me $145. (I downloaded the buyers list to FB but didn’t create a lookalike audience because for some reason I missed that step)

Next sale I know I can do for $300 or less.


Congratulations David! I ran two ads yesterday and am running one tonight. It’s a pretty steep learning curve and we are going to make mistakes. That’s how we learn and get better!


Absolutely awesome!!

Many congrats and now you know if you can make 1 then you can generate tons :slight_smile:

  • Seth

Congratulations @Davidjames1.

I’ve spent $550 already still no sales but positive to have soon.

When you said didn’t created lookalike, did you use interest targeting instead plus of course the engaged shoppers behaviour?

Would appreciate if you can give hints…

hi lea!,
when u said u’ve spent that much but still no sales, is it possible to happen to anyone? it makes me worried though


Hi @sharineses.

It’s a long story. I used to have a different niche in FB and since now we’re doing the Bizopp for our homework, my pixel is having hard time to un learn that niche and learn Bizopp niche instead.

Then I tend to be too excited and change a lot of things in between my ads turning on & off.

Big chunk of my Ad expenses is on Google/youtube… FB is far Cheaper

I’m positive, I’ll have sale soon though since planning to save for 1on1 coaching as well.

Besides, Seth, one of the successful new student shared his technique…

Pls check link for the other discussion – First week with SAS = 2 Sales :)

You might want to follow his technique as well on top of JC’s technique.

@Davidjames1 Woot Woot!!! Congratulations!! :fire::fire: that’s AHHHHMAZING!!! :sunglasses:

No. I downloaded the buyers list but somehow skipped the step to create a Lookalike audience. So that meant I was advertising directly to the people on the list. I didn’t realize it until I spent $145 and created my third ad.

Congratulations!!! Are you using Click Funnels or did you upload the Presell page manual?

I have a membership with Clickfunnels. The landing page took me 15 minutes to create.

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that’s awesome! Can’t wait to get to that step and do real advertising

On behalf of John and the SAS team we want to congratulate you on your first sale. We are totally stoked for your success and can’t wait to hear where you go from here!

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In my past affiliate life, I was taught to generate a new pixel for each niche…not sure if that is what is practiced here or not…:slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve used HTML for previous pre-sell pages but I’m ready to make the investment in Clickfunnels and go lo-tech as John discusses. David, if I need help, I may call on you. :grinning:

This is so encouraging, David! :boom:

Appreciate the post! Thanks for letting me know. Just started today but excited to get going!