Google search/display ads

ok its now over 4 days since setting up my google display ads still not approved ??

Also i am now at close to $300 on search ads and still nothing only 4 hop clicks not order form impressions. all set up as per video for search ads but after 1st $125 spent i adjusted audience as per this post here as new advertisers cannot upload custom audiences- so followed this Not eligible for "Customer List"/ "Customer Match" in Google AdWords

$175 into on this version and nothing i am getting worried now this is just not working this is a lot of money for zero return and even worse zero order form impressions
beginning to think will need to call this quits once reach $200 here will reevaluate everything to see if worth continuing down this path

Hi Ian! Four days is unusual. Have you reached out to Google Ads Support to see what the issue is? I would do that asap. As for the Customer List, yes they have updated their policy again recently. This is one of those platform/policy changes we just have to deal with unfortunately.

hi @ NeuralMarketer yes sent email to google support to ask what the issue is waiting on reply,

but at this rate i am not sure that the display ads will perform any better may not be worth it :disappointed: