Google search Ads Setup interface changed


Does anyone have issue registering with Goole Ads and starting new campaign ? Because John video is not updated with the Google ads interface screen. Currently, all screens are different in Google ads interface. When you try to register , it will start your campaign process and at the end your Campaign will active. See the attached snapshots below.
I am not getting any screen what he is talking about in Video that is holding me to proceed further. If someone can answer that will really be appreciate or guide me what steps I needs to do for start campaign because his video is outdated and not helping me anything.


c1, c3, c4 -----are mine snapshot
c2 --------John video shashot

Hello Imran, I’ve replied to your ticket and will repeat here for other customers :slight_smile:

Google’s interface changes every now and then and John is unable to record a new video every time that happens, as this unfortunately happens quite frequently as companies change regulations, add tools/options or alter menus.

Though the layout maybe have changed a little, most of the process is the same and the differences are slight, we rarely get messages that a customer is totally lost with the process, as most are able to figure this out.

You are now on the first steps of setting up a Google Ads account, that’s why they take you through the automatic pre-tailored process from the start. In order to go on with an interface that is similar to John’s just complete this process or exit it, and go on to start a new campaign like John shows on the video, you are going to need to get to a main menu of your Google Ad account.

So once again, generally, please try either exit this screen or finish this process quickly (without activating the campaign), and you will get to a main menu that looks like John’s, there you’ll be able to follow the steps.

Also, you may be viewing a different interface to John if the expert mode is turned off.

Google has an old interface and a new google experience. Try switching to expert mode, that should show you the right interface!

To do so:

  1. Once signed into your Google Ads account, click the Tools icon in the top right corner.
  2. Select Switch to Expert Mode .

Once you’ve switched to Expert Mode, you’ll be able to access the full Google Ads experience and create all Google Ads campaign types, e.g. Search, Display, Video, App, Shopping.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the reply.

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I went through the process of creating my Google Ads account and I do not remember very well now but there is an option where you can tell Google that you want to create your Ads account with no campaign.
This option is not very prominent in the screen but it helped me create an empty account and then I added my first campaign.


During the week 3, training. I’m follow to John in the Google ads setup, and:

  1. We’re on different page, but I note that maybe is a version issue, so I couldn’t add the Marketing Guru list, cause I don’t have this option. So I continue with some dudes.

  2. When I finish I receive the "Congrats message, but I have a different page again, so I can’t find the next step.

John’s screen

My screen: