Google Search Ads not showing results

Hello everyone!

I just started and set my first Google Search Ads, as shown in the course, on June 21, it is June 23 at night and the report does not show anything. I know it takes a while for Google to approve an ad, but could you tell me how long and why my status show Eligible (Learning) when I hover over Bid Strategy Learning status.

Here is a screenshot of my dashboard

Thank you so much in advance.

Laura! :slight_smile:

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Hi there, @laura.quirogabraun. After you make a change to your bid strategy, there may be minor performance fluctuations as Google Ads optimizes your bids. To indicate this, a ‘Learning’ status may be shown. You can hover over the status to see which of the following 5 reasons your bid strategy currently has a “Learning” status. And learn more about it through this article.

As for getting data, I suggest your adgroup and ad if they are all in enabled status, if they are, you may recheck your bid and set it to around $10-15/day and max CPC of $.50-.60.

I hope this helps.

Hi! I finally got my ad to work, but a few hours later my add account got suspended because of an unpaid balance, I paid it and google hasn’t reactivate my account :c

I got in contact with google and they haven’t answer yet, could you give me a suggestion of what to do? Thanks!