Google has changed A LOT

I logged into my google account to create the youtube ad and there is no longer an option saying “video ad” there is no “display ad” option ether. The option to choose where its shown (pc, phone or tablet) Is also gone. The options are completely different and I am confused. How do i do this now. The option to choose what age group etc to show the ad to is also gone.
Is this just on my google ads page or on others to?
Is there going to be and updated video on how to do this in the course?

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If you click back until you get to the “what are your advertising goals?” page, you can click “experienced with google ads” to get the right screen.

Then click new campaign:


Website traffic:

Video ad:

Demograhics is here:

Google recently changed their policy regarding the ability to upload customer lists. There is now a requirement to have an ad spend of $50k and other criteria before you’re able to use customer lists. So, we have an alternative.

You’ll want to target the following In-Market Audiences for YouTube traffic.

Business Services > Advertising & Marketing Services > SEO & SEM Services
Business Services > Business Technology > Web Services Domain Registration
Business Services > Payment Processing & Merchant Services

Hope this helps.

So If I read this correctly, all the buyers lists we have access to in resourses section, targeting data, are unusable on Google Ads due to the minimum ad spend. Is this assumption correct?

What about FB OK with them still?

Is this not a big loss? The benefit of buyers list is huge.


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Hey Phil!

The lists are fine to use for FB. Since Google changed their policy, you can’t use the lists which does sound like a disadvantage but the in-market audiences will target the similar audiences needed to promote SAS.

Put into your browser and this should take you to the ‘expert mode’ setup process which, apart from the first page, follows the video almost exactly.


I just ran my ad similar to this one and most of my clicks were from phone after I had follow the instruction according to the video provided by john and uncheck tablets,phones but yet most of the traffic was from phone any idea why this happen so far I got about