Google Display Ads - Headlines don't match video course

The five Headlines for Google Display Ads in the SAS Resources shared document are different very from the five Headlines John uses in his video. However, I prefer the Headlines from the video over the ones in the shared document. For example, I prefer “Start an Online Business” (in the video) over “Free Internet Training” (in the shared google doc).

Is there a good reason why the headlines changed (i.e., Google compliance, etc.)? Can I use the ones from the Video instead, or should I use the ones in the document?

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Hi David, you may use the videos. Whichever you prefer to use will work. - Camille

However, John is constantly updating the swipe document, therefore you may want to diversify using the newer ads there :slight_smile:

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Hi SAS peeps…

I just launched my 1st Google Ad and followed John’s training sequence !
Excited about the potential audience reach and CLICKS too…
FYI…make sure you CHECK your CLICK HERE buttons on your landing pages, etc to make sure they have the correct Hoplinks associated so you get credit for the sale !! : )

~ Sean

Good luck Sean! Hope your campaigns work out well.

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See you on the training at 1pm ! :sunglasses: