Google Ads Stats

Hi Everyone, So Iโ€™ve had my first Google ads running for the past few days. Please could I ask you lovely people to have a look at them for me and tell me how they are doing?

I can see one Ad is performing better that the other. Should I keep them both running until I get to ยฃ100 or should I pause one of them?

Thanks in advance

I would setup conversion tracking, and then measure which ad is working better by which gets the most ORDER FORM IMPRESSIONS.

Just because people are clicking on your ads (display) doesnt mean they will buy.

Its similar to dating; just because you can get a few girls to laugh, doesnt mean theyre going to sleep with you.

An Order Form Impression, is the equivalent of โ€˜you got her back to your placeโ€™, which is a fabulous sign that you are not only showing your ads to the Right people, but that your Message is resonating with them in a strong way.

Display and Search are very different traffic sources; even though they are both managed by Google, they are wildly different creatures in terms of CPCs, CTRs, conversion rates, etc.

Hope that helps.



Go to Week 2 to set up your pixel to google

Hi John, Thanks for the reply. So do you mean to set up both ads again but this time choose conversions rather than clicks on the bidding section?

Many thanks

Iโ€™ve already set this up but thanks anyways :slight_smile:

Hello John
Hello everyone
Need help from friends with experience
From Monday I run 2 Google Ads campaigns,

  1. Campaign to search sas
  2. Campaign for sas display
    In a budget of $ 20 per day per campaign,
    And nothing happens. Results zero
    I did everything exactly according to Johnโ€™s instructions in the course.
    can anyone help me ?
    To check, maybe I did not do something right.
    Attaching images to the campaign.
    The data in Google Ads is in our Hebrew language. But itโ€™s the same.
    Thanks in advance for helpers