Google ads, how long did you run them

Just wondering how long some of you ran the Google search ads for. I day, 1 week or maybe 30,000 impressions?
Doing my first ad today.


Hi J, I’d say, as long as it works :slight_smile: It’s important to start running them, and keep monitoring them, split testing them, compare impressions, clicks, conversions and budget spending, to divert the campaigns in the correct path.

I think our coaches @jenny.slukynsky and can shed some light on the best practice regarding time for running ads, split testing, trashing or starring certain ads.

John mentioned doing 20$ a day for a week to look at the data. Then what? My ads ran about 4 days before Adwords suspended my account for Super affiliate System links.



Ca i ask if you got any response to the 4 days at $20

Did you get your account back up?


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Hi Phil,

No I had no response to the $80 ad spend on the google adwords. I’ve been reluctant to try and appeal without figuring out what I did wrong as I have read people have appealed and have been banned for life from this platform. I advertise other things than just the Super Affiliate System on different platforms and I don’t want to be banned from such a great platform.

The best success I have had is running a capture page I made from Mailchimp to solo ads. The solo ads suggested like Udimi got 0 results so I went looking for another provider.

I paid $200 for 200 clicks and had 91 opt ins. I have since been emailing them and have about a 12% opt in rate and 0 clicks from any of the campaigns I have run.

I think for the money it’s best to try and build a list vs. just running ads where we are building John’s list.

Thanks for asking.

What about you any better results?



Hello, people!
I ran an add from mid November into mid December. I paid $191 to Google. I got 2263 impressions (looks), 29 clicks, and no conversions. I haven’t put anything back in yet. I am still looking at course videos. At some point, I will pay again and try it maybe for a week at a time instead of weeks.