Google ads ask me to "Fix your Ad destinations", I don't know what when wrong?

I am stuck here for more than a week, I’ve tried so many things and still getting the same message from google ad.

I’ve done to switch from Coolhandle to bluehost, and it took care of the https:// (website SSL) problem.
I’ve done using different distination on my domain ( ) , subdomain, addon domain …

I don’t see any problem with [], the reason why I use this subdomain is because now I can’t get the SSL certificate on any other subdomain and I dont’ know why. so I can only stay with this one for now.

Can anyone help me to push through this situation? only this 0.1% that I can really post my ad on google ad!

HELP PLEASE !! Thank you ALL

my issue is my google ads was denied for something with the content destination. how do I fix this to get my ad approved.