Google ads account suspended?

Anyone else?

I made a few sub-domains from my original website to advertise more vendor products. Apparently this is in violation of Google’s terms or service. Very disappointing!

Hi there John, that should not be the case! Could you drop a screenshot here? Subdomains are totally legit as long as they are used correctly. Are you getting a “destination mismatch”? If so, did you follow the following?

Not allowed

Ads that don’t accurately reflect where the user is being directed

Examples : Using the display URL “” but leading to a landing page with the URL “”; using the keyword insertion feature in the top-level or second-level domain of your display URL, such as “www.{keyword}.com”

Not allowed|18pxx18px A domain or domain extension in the display URL that doesn’t match the final URL

Examples : Display URL: and Final URL:; Display URL: and Final URL:

Not allowed|18pxx18px Failing to use a subdomain to clearly identify a site from all other sites hosted on that domain or from the parent domain

Example : Display URL: and Final URL:

Note : A subdomain is not required if the domain is used exclusively by one company.

Not allowed|18pxx18px Redirects from the final URL that take the user to a different domain

Example : The final URL redirects to

Not allowed|18pxx18px Tracking templates that don’t lead to the same content as the final URL

Example : The final URL leads to a product category page, but the tracking template directs the user to a specific product page

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Followed what was taught:

My google account got suspended for the same reason as John, What are the next steps to take besides contacting google? Thank you in advance

Hello, my google account was suspended as well and I received the same message. Did you guys ever find the resolution to this?

Hi IIya,

what does sub domain mean? Is this like a sub folder after your domain name?

Sometimes I Advertise on Google with the following

Is this ok - using a folder Name?

Google hasn’t complained yet.


hi jorge
my account was suspended as well
did you get a reply to your question