Google ads account suspended suspicious payment activity

Hi guys. So I have a problem and it was my mistake actually. Google has suspended the ad account that I created a few days ago. Basically I tried to use the google ads coupon thats Provided in the program after I had signed up for it. Problem was I am based in Sweden and the coupon was for the UK only. I thought I would give it a try anyway, was told it doesnt match with the location of my billing address and a few hours later my account was suspended.

Really silly mistake on my part and I had no idea it would mean getting banned. I have sent an appeal explaining the situation and am hoping for a positive answer. Can you guys help in any way? Thanks

I’m in the same boat for circumventing Google systems right after trying to use the google ad coupon. My suggestion to anyone doing this for the first time is not to use the coupon or ad credits as I’m now in google purgatory. I’ve tried to appeal and get a live human that can help via email, chat and phone but no dice. I’ll keep you posted if I get any resolution or can provide any details that might be helpful.