Google ads account suspended and appeal denied

My ads account is suspended and they said not to make further accounts or they will be suspended too. According to Google, they’ve identified suspicious payment activity. I appealed and they denied my appeal. I was just trying to set up my payment account… I don’t know what to do…any ideas?

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having same issue …

Hi @benofresh2003 and @mdalisterling, please email [email protected] so we can better assist you with this.

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Same problem here but thanks i will email John Support as well

well same issue here this is my second week dealing with this issue, i did switch my cc to my bank account and still haven’t hear from google yet very frustrating since a lot of what is done here is using google ads

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Same here, i can’t move because is suspended and already email Google Ads and just been waiting on a responce.

I had the same issue, and waiting for google to respond to my appeal.