Google Ad Suspended

My google ad is suspended for Circumventing Systems violation what ever that is.
It looks like google loves doing this. I saw where John Crestani had a letter from an Attorney to send google an one for facebook stating compliance.
But now I cannot find that letter.
Does anyone know where I can copy it?

Hey there,

Here is the form to appeal the Circumventing Systems violation/suspension: 

You can find the legal letters on the resources tab of your members area, under “legal resources” :slight_smile:

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My add ran for awhile until it was flagged for misleading, what can i do to correct this issue? i want to run again but dont know what Google decided was misleading

For the misleading content error, make sure you add the words “individual results may vary”. This can be entered in the headline section of the ad.

I am having real problems with google ads.they have suspended my account and will not re-state it! I have appealed this on a number of occasions and still no joy,even used johns legal letter.I feel this will have a major effect on my chances of success… Any help/advice would be amazing thanks