Google Ad suspended for suspicious payment activity

Hello everyone, I was setting up my google ads account and then proceeded to setup the payment/budget step and when I submitted everything I got suspended. I am at a standstill with google as my account has been suspended. I received this alert :: Your account is suspended. We’ve detected suspicious payments in your account.

Looked over all my banking info and I’m not sure why as the credit card information I set up is with a valid and current card with a high credit line. Double checked all my information and everything is in order. I filled out the appeal letter and submitted and its been almost two weeks with no response.

Anyone else have this problem and how did you resolve?

Hi @matthew.s.lajoie, you can check this forum thread for the same issue. I highly suggest to send your appeal to Google and include a screenshot of your bank verification.

Just received an email from Google that my account was reinstated. They didn’t give me a very detailed reason why it was suspended other than they were verifying banking information. Nonetheless I’m back in action and moving forward!!!

Hi @matthew.s.lajoie, wow, this is great news!! Good luck with your campaign then! :clinking_glasses:

I’m currently in the same boat. Patiently waiting for the appeal. I have never had this issue until I added a new separate ads campaign and raised the budget.

This is why it is not good to be too dependent on Google Ads. The customer service line was virtually useless.