Google ad setup

So im setting up a new google ad account after being suspended. (I cancelled the suspended account) I guess I have to start from scratch. So I got a new website with the sas panel, my question is should I go to the next step by making a new email and billing info. Im using my bank account. Should the new website be enough or should I change everything. I appreciate your feedback.


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Hi @robbiz551,

First we need to know why it got suspended in the first place. Maybe it’s just something silly, which you can dispute and you can get it up and working again.

Based on the initial reason for it getting suspended you can decide which information you can keep and which you need to get rid of.

Hope this helps. :blush:

Hi @robbiz551, I’m sorry to know that your account got suspended. We suggest using a VPN that will allow you to mask/change your IP address and use different details (Different payment method, different address, different phone, and preferably a name of a family member or a friend) to start a new Google Ad account and then follow policies more closely. You can also check this article on how to open a new Google ad account using a VPN as your reference.

Does that also mean I need a new google account, meaning a new email address? Also what about the website I use, would that be flagged also?

i apperently have an account with google ads, how do get to the beginning to reset, it takes straight to upload a video part, help