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GOALS page bug?

Bug? I clicked on the badge for Goals. I see a blank page with a “?” mark in place where John says “Here is an example of what I submitted to complete this goal step”

Anyone else see what I see?

(I am using Safari browser ver. 12.0.3)

If “FEEDBACK” is not the appropriate place to post this potential bug issue, please let me know

Thank you! I’ll have my devs look into this tomorrow

This has been corrected! Check it and let me know if it’s working for you now.

Yes, it works now. Thank you. I found one more thing, though not sure it is a bug…here is what I did:

Dashboard > click on any badge (e.g. Goals) > “People who have earned this” click anyone’s photo or photo placement holder > get “Nothing Found” page (e.g.

Thanks Aaron! Sending that over to the dev team now. :slight_smile:

@SaraNightingale, please make sure our devs also hide the peoples photos who have earned each badge. Students shouldnt be able to see everyone else who has or has not earned a particular badge.


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I am wondering why the badges are not working. I am also wondering why there is no recent updaes or questions as this is June 1 ?