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General FB Strategy / Flow for Similar Affiliate Products?

Hi all,

For Weight Loss Product -
In the last 2 weeks I’ve been running LAL FB ADs and Retargeting FB ADs to people who have hit my Squeeze Page (lead magnet)

  • So far, over ~300 LEADs captured with 1,000+ clicks to my landing page.

Once they are on my email list, I started been sending the email swipe squeeze sequence/train, which have the affiliate link, and a small percentage are clicking on the affiliate links.

Few questions.

  1. After going through Affiliate set of email Swipe Squeeze.

I planned on going through other affiliate products email swipes, that have similar products.

  1. For all of my LEADs that have NOT purchased on the original affiliate product

I planned on sending another FB retargeting AD to a pre-SELL page (or Product Review Blog Page) - which would have links going to the Affiliate Sales Page.

Are others doing a similar flow with FB and email swipes?