G'Day from Steve in Perth, Western Australia

Hi All,

I work from home in beautiful Perth, Western Australia as a digital marketing consultant for a handful of small business clients building lead generation websites which I lease or sell and drive traffic to from Google and Facebook.

Lead Gen marketing takes a lot of time and technical expertise without a healthy ROI in my home location and doing lead gen internationally is problematic.

A few weeks ago I began looking for a new marketing niche that I could diversify into which had a better ROI and the possibility of real, passive income and I found Affiliate Marketing. I believe this is just what I need.

A few days ago, while doing some ClickBank training, I was looking for the top 20 products by Gravity in different categories that I was interested in and I discovered SAS. I did several hours research on SAS and John Crestani and decided to take the plunge. And here I am.

My short term goal is to generate AUD5,000 per month in sales from SAS. My long term goal is to use SAS to passively fund a great lifestyle for my wife and I.

I hope to meet a lot of you on the journey.

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Welcome aboard Steve! Looking forward to working with you and crushing this!

I’m a digital marketing consultant myself and my business is shifting to more Lead Gen and affiliate through different channels that I master.

Looking forward to seeing you break through,

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Welcome, Steve!
Thanks for sharing your interesting background.
I really appreciate how you researched ClickBank products and looked upon John’s SAS program with favor.
I believe John and the support staff are all poised to help each of us achieve success!
Best to you~

Thanks for the welcome Jay. Let’s make some money. :slight_smile:

Thanks Janet. Sharing is caring. :slight_smile:

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Hi Steve

I’m on the east side of Oz, and just starting my journey. I wish you all the best with your endeavour.
I feel more confident that I made the correct decision reading your introduction, thanks for you story.