Fresh Face from Philly Area

Hey all! I’m excited (like most newbies) to be here. Lol I have just closed my business of almost 8 yrs in construction. My dreams are to homeschool my 13 yr old son starting this year and I believe I have a realistic goal of $10,000/month by the end of the year. Once I am consistently making that monthly then its off to tour the world. One trip at a time of course! I also saw several people in the introductions area that are in NJ & PA and would love to chat with any of you to get feedback or even work together with any like minded people. Wishing everyone here the best of success!

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Hi Kyera,

I’m a jetsetter too… But I’ve pretty much stuck to the US for the last 10yrs coz I have friends there :slight_smile:

I’m in the UK, but my dream is to go on safari :slight_smile:

Welcome Kyera! Glad you have joined us.