Freedom from the stiff world

Hi, I am Prabhneet Singh, currently residing in Australia, though hail from India. This is my first time ever in Marketing. I am so excited and pumped up to go through this course so that I can become financially and timely free. My main goal is the freedom from the stiff work schedule so that when I want to enjoy the little moments, I don’t have to be bounded by anything. Putting it in a nutshell, I want to have the steering wheel of my life in my hands.

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Hi! Welcome on board! Enjoy the journey…to your success :wink: :fist_right:

Hey welcome aboard Prabhneet. I’m glad to hear that you decided to join us here at SAS Pro. The sky is the limit and you’ve already taken the first step in that journey. Follow the course materials, ask questions, and jump in there and experiment. Good luck!