Free website and opt in website doesn't have match

I’m not sure what to think. I have paid over 300 dollars of adwords and my youtube ads have had 900 clicks and no sales so I started viewing the pages sources and the following info:

I didn’t use click funnel. I manually uploaded the presell page.

The following link from my free website with my domain:

the presell page I uploaded showed my click bank affilliate id;

<!—replace the link below with your clickbank affiliate link–>
<div id=“redirect-link”> /</div>

I clicks on the (send me to the training link) It redirects to ( I look at the (View Page Source) and I don’t see my clickbank affiliate link anywhere. Then once the button is clicked for the training it redirects to a click funnel id.

I’m not sure how I get credit if my clickbank affiliate link is not in the two end pages.

Any help would appreciated.

Im curious about this answer too. Not there yet but it can likely happen to any of us.
thank you for the quesiton.