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Free traffic on face book

This is a good method to gain free traffic

watch this video on YouTube

Earn $100 A Day On The Facebook Marketplace (With This 1 Trick)

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Hi @dubose.joel, I don’t see any clickable link to your post. Do you mind sharing the link on your post?

Lizette Im glad you called You c I have been pretty much confused every si
nce I started putting my goals in but yet there was no way to send them to anybody no enter sign I kinda thought they forgot about me

Help me get the link to my post

Sorry I dont understand your question. :sweat_smile:
This post was for the assignment that tells us to post one of Johns free traffic methods suggested on YouTube. :sweat_smile:
please tell me if i did something wrong.

Hi ,
I am still a fresh affiliate but I want to offer you my help. tell me what is your problem may be I can help :innocent: