Followed every step for clickfunnels method - still not working?

Hi folks,

I followed every step for clickfunnels method - It is still not showing/published/visible on my WP website with Bluehost.

Got all the steps here:

I have all my accounts set up:
-Bluehost domain
-Bluehost WP website + clickfunnel plugin and associated whit CLICKFUNNELS account.

  • [Super Affiliate System Presells [2019] funnel instaled /activated.

Anyone is getting the same problem?


Can you email us your Clickfunnels, Bluehost logins and hoplink to [email protected] and we’ll check your set up?

Hi Sabrina,

Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate your help but I don’t feel comfortable giving the SAS team my logins for my Bluehost and Clickfunnels account. Is there any other ways to assist me with a computer remote control access application?

Maybe It would help If I give you screenshots of all my setups?

Thank you!

We can set up a remote sharing session :slight_smile:

Email us at [email protected] and we can book you in.