First SOLO AD campaign

Back again!

I was going through the course, and there are so many things I want to set up right now, but I also know it is important to take the first leap!

I decided to put $153 down on Udimi. I used Jason Thompson because he has a lot of good reviews (Thank you Bryan!). I have 3, 100 click ads that I am trying out. I did not go the full A/B route, and I have two different variables I am testing: swipe email and CB link.

Test 1: 5 lessons I learned from self-made millionaire, default
Test 2: The beginner’s guide to an internet business, JC Webinar
Test 3: How John quit his job to become an internet millionaire, sales page

I wanted to get these out into the world before class, I will reply to this post later with the results! Because I spent only $153, if I get one sale I will double my money on this campaign!

Feel free to comment and message me, I am in the forum everyday.

Best of luck to you all out there!!!



how is the campaign going?