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First solo ad and onto module 4

I know this isn’t a major life changing accomplishment, but got through module 3, with a 4-5 day delay for an anniversary trip to Savannah, and have been trying to be extremely thorough with everything.

Made my first order for 100 clicks through Udimi and it was accepted. I was so full of anticipation for it that I kept checking almost every hour to see if my order had been accepted yet. Luckily I had to work today and didn’t get to check until getting home. It was accepted and now i’m just waiting for everything to get started.

Even if this doesn’t bring in any sales the first time, the excitement has been enough to keep me going. Looking forward to posting an even more accomplishment topic soon.

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This is wonderful! I love your excitement :star_struck:
We always say that “success is the sum of every little effort that we make each day” - and your attitude proofs that this is exactly what you are living up to! Every little progress is a great accomplishment on your own journey to success! Never loose your enthusiasm and your success will be INEVITABLE! :muscle: Way to go @muddycorey30!