First Solo ad.... and... $12.30?

My first solo ad attempt is underway… still got 10 clicks to go. I’m a bit unclear about the numbers though.

It looks like i got 3 sales, with a total of $12.30? uh?

The product is The 12 Minute Affiliate System, (sorry JC :grimacing:) and says
Initial $/sale: $13.52 (ea?) guess not…
Avg $/sale $72.80… sounds nice


did you figure out where the rest of the money is? Where does it tell you how many clicks you have left?

I was getting the number of clicks from the udimi campaign, now completed the 100 clicks i purchased.
Final numbers are the same…

I read this support article, still confused…
Clickbank statistics explained

3 sales should be 3 x 72.80 right? Is there a lag time for it to transact?

Transaction quality has different numbers to the rest…



So, in clickbank Reporting > Transactions tab is seem to break down into 3 transactions of $4.10 !?!?!
Hence the $12.30… None of this makes any sense to me whatsoever.

Would really really love some kind of explanation of whats going on, or some general pointer on how to understand this.

Have i made some noob mistake? Fine, would like to what is was…

I think the initial sale for 12 minute affiliate is $7, then the customer got some days to try the system, and if they are happy, they will be charged monthly fee. Also there’s an ebook for upsale, if the customer purchased that, you will get several dollars commission as well. The $4.1 you got means people only bought the $7, not upsale, and also you have to wait some days for them to pay the subscription.

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How much do you pay the solo ad to generate 3 sales? Do you use presell page or you just use the direct link? I just finished week 1 and don’t have presell page yet, I am not sure I should just buy the solo ad with direct link. Thanks

ahh, thanks moonchen2345

getting some interstanding :thinking:, think i paid about $79 ish for the solo ads… very first go at this so no presell page.

maybe poor product selection on my part?

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No, it is a good product, and once those 3 sales you got decide to pay monthly fee, you will get monthly commission from them. So $12 you got now is just the start.