First Follow Along


I wanted to post this once I had more done, but I figured if I didn’t start posting a FA I would take forever to get to it! Thus far I have loved the program and have found it very informative. Here is what I have so far:

Completed the Welcome Module (with badge)
Have listened to the Week 1 Modules, and have my goal of $20,000 in the first 6 months
I have a budget ($1,000 for the first campaign, up to $5,000 after)

I have also crunched the numbers of high gravity Clickbank offers, and have found that JC’s SAS program is DEFINITELY the place to start! The high comms for the first purchase will help a lot when starting out. I would like to work on getting good at promoting SAS before moving on to other, less lucrative offers.

My first campaign setup:
I want to start purchasing 1,000 clicks, 100 each for 10 different tests. I figure A/B testing five different setups will give me an idea of what works. Then, I will use my remaining budget to buy more ads for the top 3 earners, and see how it scales. I can use this same model for other offers, but I want to make money with SAS first before venturing out.

Things I have done:
I have a website
I have Clickbank hoplinks for SAS
Mailchimp email

Things to do:
Get SSL for my site
Create the landing pages for SAS
Get tracking for the different links (so I know which ones performed best)

I hope you can see I have a good amount of groundwork laid here, but there is lots more to do! I will keep you all informed of my marketing efforts, and I look forward to hearing from all of you as well!