Fellow Teammate Ausar Here!

Cannot wait to get going and fail forward. I have no experience but I am going to be taking some serious action here! any word of Advice?


That’s the spirit, @tamar.ausar! go for the gold and never give up. Do not be afraid to fail, cause failure will lead to success.

Make sure to visit our knowledgebase, we have lots of helpful articles and info there.

And register for our weekly webinars if you haven’t yet. Every week we have a live Q&A session where you can ask questions, as well as a special training session where we’d be going over a chosen subject. . Here you can find the outline and replays of the latest sessions.

We wish you the best of luck with your affiliate marketing business.

YEAH Ausar @tamar.ausar!!! “Serious action” is all you need! Work hard, keep your dedication and determination and always remember that success is the sum of all the little efforts you make day-in and day-out! So patience is the order of the day!
And one more advice - make use of our community! Everyone here has made plenty experiences, good ones and probably also bad ones. But nevertheless, this is how you grow you knowledge - but you can speed up your learning process if you learn from other people’s experiences too. Therefore I’d like to encourage you to connect to all the other fellow SAS students, share your knowledge with them, ask your questions and discuss affiliate marketing with them!
“Teamwork makes the dream work”, it’s simple as that! :rocket:

Good luck on this new journey! And remember - at no point are you alone in this!

PS: Please upload a profile picture :wink: