Feel totally lost...UGH

Wow is it just me?? Week one was amazing, and I could work right along with the videos. Now on week 2 and I feel totally lost and like I am missing sections? Paid $$ for the Blue Host web-site… ouch, but still can’t figure out how we are supposed to set it up? And that was not a cheep purchase :scream: Now on to ClickFunnels? where is the info to put in there? and how to do it… I feel like this second week skips steps, in regards to how to do things. Feeling very frustrated… :sob:…Is it just me?

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Hi Pamela, don’t worry, technology and technical stuff can be a little daunting at first, but once you’re past the first barriers, it’ll all become crystal clear :slight_smile:

To promote any kind of affiliate offer on any advertising network (Google ads, Facebook Ads, bing…), you cannot use the direct hoplink / affiliate link you get from Clickbank, these kinds of promotion are always rejected.

You’d need to have a website/presell/landing page of your own that complies with the network’s policy in order to promote the offer. THAT is what John is showing you during this week.

Sooo there are two ways to set up your site/presell page, either The manual method or Clickfunnels method.

Regardless of the one you choose, you’ll get a site. Well done on registering an account with Bluehost, that’s indeed the very first (important!) step.

Manual method

  • Here you will set up your site using the plain old html way, that is explained step by step by John on this video, and there is also a PDF guide!


  • Clickfunnels is an AWESOME application, that allows you to build, manage, modify and monitor lots of different funnels at the same time, with ease, without the need for programming skills or any other fancy skills.
  • Clickfunnels has a free 14 days trial BUT costs 97$/month afterwards. That’s more than acceptable for an affiliate marketer that promotes 5+ products, for example, as this eliminates LOTS of time-wasting when dealing with manual set ups.
  • The process of setting up your presell page on Clickfunnels is described on this video by John and we have a PDF for that too, as well as a quick step-by-step on installing the relevant plugin.

OF COURSE if you have any questions about any specific step, I’m here for you at [email protected]


Thank You for the word of encouragement :star_struck: I went back over the last 2 videos…took a break and came back and was able to create the ClickFunnel, and get everything set up!!! OMG :open_mouth: I feel like it was a huge accomplishment! Yea Me!!! LOL



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Quick ? Almost done with week 2, and the ClickFunnel is set, and linked in my Blue Host, so how do I put it out there?? and where?