FB Campaign - Super Affiliate System


Wanted to share with you the latest campaign that I have set up using the SAS programme.

Two months ago, I set up a campaign using John’s FB page and made some small amends to the set up process. I also created and set up a Nutra Skincare page and tried to run this through FB. Suffice to say my account was banned and after a number of appeals (3 in all), I stopped. It took me about three weeks to lick my wounds.

Last week I went back to the SAS course and started all the videos from scratch.
I’ve created a new Google email address and a new account and left it for a week.

Today I have set up a new SAS Ad campaign on Facebook and have followed John’s videos to the letter. So this is what I have done:

  1. Countries:
    USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

  2. Audiences:
    Small Business Owners
    Business Page Admins
    Community and Club Admins
    New Parents
    Affiliate Marketing

  3. Platform:
    Desktop only

  4. Budget:
    £100 to run over eight days

  5. Creative:
    John’s video labelled C (as this seems to be the newest one in the Resource Centre)

  6. Copy:
    I have been super lazy and copied and pasted Johns copy word for word. (Last time I made some amends, got my ad refused and had to tweak the language). FB has told me that the ad has been approved and scheduled to go live on 08 June.

Here’s the screen grab.

I’ll try and share an update on how this campaign progresses every other day.

Wondering how to pull out the results by country… I’ll have a play around with the FB reporting suite.