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FB and Landing Pages - Questions


going so fast to complete milestones, sometimes I feel that maybe overlooking some important FB policy without even realizing it. Read re-read thier policy again today and completed the course.

Based on my lastest interaction with FB policy (on Products and Services and landing page content) - I had a few questions.

When retargeting FB ADs, does it matter if we direct the FB URL to

  1. a custom pre-Sell “Landing Page” on our website - that promotes clicking on the affiliate product?

  2. to a “Product REview Page” (Blog), which has Affiliate product links


  1. a “manual” Landing Page, provided by the affiliate product (running on our own Domain and website), which has affiliate product links

In my mind, and understanding - I felt that ALL we OK to do.

But in the eyes of FB - is there a problem with anyone of these?

As long as our FB Copy AD is not misleading, can we use any one of the 3 options above?


Hello Michael. Yes you can use all 3 generally speaking, as long as you comply with policies (have contact option, have a privacy policy, a disclaimer that your site doesn’t belong to Facebook and so on). However Facebook (and google) often ask for more content to be present on your site. Lately brief sites that only have a few sentences and a video (so are clearly there to lead the person to the vendor’s page to sell an affiliate product) are getting banned. Therefore I’d advice creating some personal content, a brief review, or having this page as part of a site (having a homepage, and a few pages/sections on tabs for example), so it’s clear to Facebook that it is your content that you are promoting, and whether or not there are affiliate links in there, shouldn’t be their business/worry. How many subscribers have you gotten to this point?

Hi IIya, thanks for your advice.

I am at approx 900 subscribers.

  • All my pages have a disclaimer and Privacy. Some are missing “Contact Us” i can add this easily

  • My site is a Bog site, so it does have a Home Page. Can you check i to make sure its ok?

  • i do not have the “Facebook” disclaimer. i will add this as well. i did not know this was required on ALL landing pages. Is this new?