FB ADs Follow Along

Testing A Higher Converting Clicbank VSL Offer
Frontend CPA:31€
Backend Profit: 140€

Testing 1 main target audience.

Created 3 AD Angles Cards.
(1) The “Us vs Them”
(2) The “Big Wizard Idea”
(3) The “Primitive Greed Trigger”

Multiply that by the 4 Best AD Creatives & Multiply that by Male/Female Separations.

Or simply put: I have 24 Variations /per Target Market.

Separated into 6 Different Campaigns with Specific “DNA Names” both in FB ADs Manager & Voluum Campaigns with Campaign Url Tokens Variables.

This Wednesday I’ll launch 2 Campaigns On, @9pm local time zone - Experimenting with The "Big Idea"Ad Angle Card for Full 7 Days.

My goal is to do an Infinite ROI in less than 14 days.



-Created +4 AD Accounts Today.

-Having some problems to fix with data reporting because I’m advertising in United States & The Voluum Account doesn’t match up from Europe.

-Contacted the Support in Voluum


Problem Fixed.

The right way is to go into the AD Level, and put this config:

Website URL: YourOwnDomain.com/lander_control_version?cpid=xxxx
URL Parameters: Campaign={{campaign.name}}&ADSet={{adset.name}}&AD={{ad.name}}

(+) In Voluum Traffic Sources, there is a thing called “Traffic Sources Postback URL”
I had to add an specific script that was inside the the FB Pixel Script:

Stupid mistakes. I should have known better how to make better ads.

Work to do:

1 - Research more in deep the target market: their pain, frustrations, what keeps them awake at night, desires, fears, blames, common enemy, their hot buttons.

2 - Write more longer ad copy.


Launched ON campaign nº3:

  • Instead of clicks to website, I changed to conversion: Initiate Checkout Pixel

  • Same Audience, Same Country, Same Gender, Same Age-Range, 3 different Images that were very low CTR in BOTH campaign n1&nº2…

  • Changed the lander from advertorial into a qualifying quiz

But the biggest change was the AD Angle. Very long copy. Very researched. and with a little tiny link at the end of the ad copy.

In the other experiments got a tons, and tons of clicks… but no profits, -100%ROI. Therefore I have to improve it like science.

Let’s see at the end of full 7 days the results of this new experiment

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7 May

The 2 campaign with link clicks got me only 1 initiated checkout
The 1 campaign with optimize for conversions (initiated checkout) got me 2 initiated checkouts

Is not really statistically valid for me to do any rule, the best campaign objetive for a cost per sale goal.

Today I will launch Campaigns nº4 & nº5 - Full 7 Days.

Changed the target audience (because I tested 3 different ad angles, and make no sales, therefore I move on)

  • I literally email the affiliate support. I said to him " Hey what are the top 4 audiences with Facebook media buying? and what’s the biggest motivation of your customers? “the right ad angle”

Guess what? I was wrong In BOTH! Next time, is best to ASK, ASK, ASK and get this “Insider’s Information”

So, I write 2 different AD Angles based on the REAL motivation of the already customers of this offer.

and I will test the audiences that this guys is telling me, are the best ones.

That doesn’t mean I won’t test more than those, but I will start and get into profits & scaling from there.

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Got the ad account baned.

That’s good. I was addicted to an offer that no one was running ads. Hard to sell that thing.

Bought 2 ad accounts for 20$.

  • 1 for running campaigns
  • 1 for pixel backup if they ban me again. which they will.

Another thing very interesting is to cheat & get easy money, rather than doing a hard challenge.

I’ve invested in a spy tool. I KNOW what is hot selling in the last 30 days.

Popularity in clickbank is bs. If I don’t see hot ads selling with the spy tools in the LAST 30 DAYS… I won’t be the guinea pig, like I did

So that’s what I’m going to do.


@Inaki_Urabayen us this spytool iSponiage?

Hey Inaki, I have enjoyed your FA, what is the tool you found and is it still working?