FB ad showing URL of click funnel and not my website

I’m creating my first fb ad to promote SAS and I put in my website URL but the ad preview shows my click funnels link and not my website address. I have the SAS presell page on my cool handle website linked to my affiliate link.
I noticed when I put https:// it shows correctly on the ad but the website itself isn’t secure and won’t work that way. It only works when I use http:// but shows click funnels

How do I fix this? I don’t want FB to reject my ad

Where it says “display link”, simply enter your website address here and the Clickfunnels URL will disappear :slight_smile:

Hi Kristen, how are you doing? To resolve your issue with http/https, I’d advice you to go over this guide, where I explain how to add a free SSL certificate to your website for life. This should smooth things out

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Thank you everyone! All of these helped tremendously :slight_smile:

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