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FB Account Disabled - What are the next steps?

Hi all,

One of my 5 FB accounts were disabled today.

  1. What are the best next steps to get back to FB?

  2. My niche was in the weight loss / Health niche

  • Initially, the ADS were all approved, then later tonight I found that my account was disabled.

I feel i was pretty safe with my images and video - and reviewed the FB policy again and completed the course.

Maybe they did not like some of my images.

  1. Can I still continue using the same FB pixel (thats oon my website) and create new ADs in my other accounts?

Any guidelines on how to reply back to FB?

Thanks Guys

Hi Michael, since I took a look on your ads and they all seemed to look good & compliant, I’d ask for a manual review and speak to Facebook Ad support directly. There are no policy violations on your site, and if there is something minor, you can easily fix it.

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Thank you. Got this today from FB. Interesting experience. Learned a few things.


Hi @IlyaG - I have had the same issue. I followed the SAS program step for step for Facebook but got rejected for policy violation of product making claims etc… I then tried to do an add for Sqribble and got the same rejection.
I am baffled, confused and frustrated - given my problems with google - I don’t want to go back to the well with Facebook until someone can review. I value and trust your opinion but I also know you are very busy with the new course. If you get some time, would you be able to look at my SAS add and give some feed back. Let me know how I could send to you.
Given your time crunch I am not expecting an asap response. or from main website: I can send snapshots of ad if you would like

cc @mikemakeitso

Hi everyone,

I have a issue here is that my fb ads acct is disabled.
i have try direct contact fb support, but i have no idea how to troubleshoot the issue.
i’m promoting SAS course, what are the best next steps to get back to running again?