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Facebook Weight Loss Ads

Is anyone having success marketing Exipure on Facebook? I have tried to create an ad for it that leads to my presell page, however Facebook didn’t approve it. I have thought about using the web banners from the affiliate site to advertise with but I don’t like that they all say “Watch Video” and I don’t have a video on the presell page…I feel that would be incongruent for sure. Anyway, I really want to advertise this on Facebook but I can’t seem to figure out how to word the ad so that it doesn’t get flagged as a weight loss supplement.

Facebook hates weight loss supplements. Your better off with Google Ads or Native Ads. What I did for my presell page is I took a snapshot of the video box on their sales page and put that at the top of my presell page and linked it with my hoplink. Hope this helps

Thanks for the help. Google Ads isn’t a possibility right now so I will try Native Ads and see if I can get something figured out there.