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Facebook Pixel & set up

Should I be setting up my facebook pixel in the landing page I made And should this be installed in the settings page under head tracking code?

Hi Philip, how are you doing?
To install the Facbook pixel as part of the manual method:

  1. Go to the Pixels tab in Events Manager.
  2. Click Set up Pixel .
  3. Click Manually Install Pixel Code Yourself .
  4. Go to your website’s code by going to the cPanel -> File manager -> public_html -> right click index.html -> edit, and find the header of your website.

Copy the entire code and paste it in the header of your website. Paste the code at the bottom of the header section, just above the closing head tag.
Optional: Click to toggle on Automatic Advanced Matching.

  1. Click Send Test Traffic after placing the code on your website to make sure your pixel’s working properly. If your status says “Active”, your base code has been installed correctly. This can take several minutes to update.

After you’ve created your pixel, you can follow the onscreen instructions to set up events on your website.

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What is the pros and cons of toggling “Automatic Advance Matching” on?