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Facebook Error Creating AD

So when I was trying to create my ad and went through all the steps, I keep getting an error message saying “We found 1 error . Please fix the error and try again.” But it doesn’t specify what the issue is. Can someone please help me if they know any information about this. Thank you.

Hi @straussmarcus, can you send us a screenshot of the page you are getting the error and if on the error message you are getting a message or warning icon like this -> :no_entry: or :warning: it will be best to click on it to check for any details.

So I did click on the icon in the bottom right. It send me to a feedback questionnaire. I tried also to setup my Facebook pixel using the partner integration method and manual method. Both didn’t work. I still get the website is not active message. I have attached two screenshots to show you what I’ve been seeing. Thank you!!