Facebook Compliance - UNIQUE TRACKING DOMAIN

Ok, just watched the video on Facebook compliance in week 5. He mentioned having a unique domain for your tracking. I am not sure what this is? I know it is needed even if I have a Squeeze page on my own domain.

Thanks for your help.

Maybe what he means is to use your website domain and not the affiliate link directly. For example, is I try to use Citibank link directly, it doesn’t allow me even to post it betwixt it goes against their policy.

I am not sure what to use either. I have my SAS Panel page subdomain name, and I have my clickbank hoplink to use on my presell page buttons. But I wonder if that is what a unique tracking domain is. In the FB Compliance class in week 5, somebody in the audience asked a question about having your presell address as your unique domain. The speaker answered that “Facebook clicks all the way through to the lander.” I guess that means that Facebook clicks all the way through to the offer page that you are sending people to. So I don’t know what unique tracking domain even means. – carol b

It’s better to use your website domain. Facebook doesn’t accept ClickBank links. You can use a presell page from the sas panel, but if you add name and email to get access is better, because your start creating your email list.
A tracking domain is usually a link that help you track the people who visit your website, buy or click.
If I am wrong, please somebody correct me, but that’s what I know.