Facebook Business Pages

Hey Everyone… So I belong to this group on Facebook…Facebook Ad Buyers (Tim Burd). Thought everyone should be aware… might be something to look into if your account was banned…?
I copied the OP here…

  • Warning - CHECK your page!

I have a facebook business page that is many years old, great reviews, etc… and today was contacted by a girl that was scammed out of money… paying someone in Amazon gift cards. She contacted my page because the person who scammed her claimed on his profile he worked at my company… (so she messaged my business page) while I’m a 1 man business, this is impossible. After more research I’m finding a dozen or more profiles with “Work at” my Company! Linked to my business page. Does anyone know how to get this removed? Searching google… it seems impossible and Facebook seems not to care much. Very upset! Very concerned.

Have kind a same problem… cant quite figure out how to delete that page either… Frustrating…

It would seem to me that if you contacted facebook and let them know that someone is committing fraud they will get those removed. And yes use the words committing fraud.